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Our Art Outcomes:

Year 1 - Created abstract art and shapes studying the artist Sonia Delaunay      

Year 1 - Created abstract art and shapes studying the artist Sonia Delaunay 


Year 2 - Explored the 'Awesome Iceberg,' topic using sculpting techniques 

Year 3 - Created a digital collage using the artist 'Sam Cannon,' as inspiration (Creative collages).

Year 4 - Experimented with clay using slip, coils and scoring method to produce 'Antoni Gaudi,' style models (Spectacular sculptures).
Year 5 - Improved the mastery of design in aboriginal art inspired by 'Minnie Pwerle'(Aboriginal art).
Year 6 - Built textures using layers with secondary and tertiary colours. Their focused artist was 'Leonid Afremov' (The Magic Appears).







What does a typical Maths lesson look like at Kanes Hill?


Year 1

Year 2 

Year 3

Year 4

 Year 5

 Year 6


Maths Showcase

On April 4th 2022, we hosted 42 teachers, leaders and Headteachers to showcase our Maths Mastery approach in conjunction with Solent Maths Hub.

"There was such a consistent approach to the teaching of maths throughout the school. Maths Mastery is so embedded and well established."
"Children have great engagement and an enthusiasm for learning."
"The whole school oozes mathematical thinking."
"You have provided an amazing opportunity today which will transform people's thinking."



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Wild Lab Wild Citizens

In December 2021, 40 children from Years 3 & 4 signed up to be a part of the ‘Wild Lab’ after school club. They explored the biodiversity around our school and built hedgehog tunnels to find out whether or not any hedgehogs were using the school at night. They installed a special bird box for swifts and they are going to start playing swift calls on a speaker to attract these birds to our school. The children have helped put up bat boxes and Sam Munslow, an ecologist from Southampton City Council, even brought a bat into school for them to meet. They have built bug houses and planted almost 1000 plants and trees, creating the ‘Jubilee Hedgerow’ at the back of the field. Southampton University have funded the whole project and have brought us lots of equipment to help develop our school grounds; including a night vision camera that we hope to have set up very soon. Some of the children have visited the university to share their learning at their Science and Engineering festival and another group got to visit the wind tunnels at the university after presenting to other schools and academics. This exciting project has now be rolled out to other schools across the city and we are excited to see it continue to grow over the coming months and years.

Science Day

Science Day 2022 was truly out of this world. Every child in the school was frozen to the spot by Dr. Jess and the experiments she did with liquid nitrogen. A small team from the astrophysics department at Southampton University took our KS2 children on a journey beyond the stars in the astrodome and children in KS1 had a go at making poo and tying bandages in a nursing workshop with Nurse Emma. The children worked scientifically to create bridges, ziplines and hot air balloons to help Yogi Bear cross a ravine and the whole school came together at the end of the day to celebrate the ‘Wild Lab’ project. The children came to school in fantastic science themed costumes and the kitchen served up a special science themed menu. A great day was had by all and Mr James has already started planning Science Day 2023!