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Welcome to our E-safety page.

Unsure about something on the internet?

Need help or support?

Never be afraid to ask for help! Ask an adult in your family, an adult at school or contact the CEOP. 

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Here are some rules to keep you safe on the internet.

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The internet can be great fun. You can chat to your friends, play games and learn about new things.

But sometimes things happen which can make you upset. People may say mean things which make you feel sad, or you may see something that you don’t like.  If this happens, you must remember it’s not your fault.

  • TELL AN ADULT YOU TRUST if you are upset or worried about something that has happened to you. 
  • If you feel in danger phone 999 to speak to the police. They will make sure you are safe.
  • If you don’t feel there is anyone you can talk to, there are people at Childline who will always listen to you. They won’t tell anyone else about what you’ve said, which means you can feel safe talking to them.

You can also tell us at CEOP what is happening so they can help you. If there is an adult you trust, like your mum, dad, carer or teacher, get them to help you fill out the form.

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 National Online Safety - A Resource for Parents/Carers

15th May 2023

Dear Parents and carers,

National Online Safety – A resource for parents and carers

The online world is posing an ever-increasing risk to children, and it is important that schools, parents and carers, work together to take an active role in teaching children about potential online dangers. Learning how to act safely when using the internet is an incredibly important part of safeguarding our children.

We are therefore delighted to announce that as part of our commitment to supporting the protection of our pupils online, we are working with National Online Safety to provide resources for all parents and carers.

The resources include parent and carer courses (presented by Myleene Klass), online video resources and weekly guides covering a huge range of topics, including:

• Online Relationships • Fake Profiles & Social Bots 
• Online Bullying  • Online Grooming
• Child Sexual Exploitation  • Sexual Harassment & Violence
• Sexting •Live Streaming 
• Online Identity • Screen Addiction
• Online Challenges • Overspending
• Social Media Platforms • Online Gambling
• Radicalisation, Terrorism & Extremism • Age Inappropriate Content
• Copyright & Ownership • Hacking
• Fake News • Online Fraud 
• Online Reputation  • Personal Data
• Pornography • Targeted Adverts & Pop-Ups
• The Dark Web • Games & Trends

To create your account, please follow https://nationalcollege.com/enrol/inspire-learningpartnership and complete your details. When you’re set up, you’ll be able to set ‘Parent/Carer’ as your user type.  

You can access National Online Safety online via any device, including via a smartphone app. To download the app, please go to: https://apps.apple.com/gb/app/national-online-safety/id1530342372 https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=uk.co.nationaleducationgroup.nos

Alternatively, search for ‘National Online Safety’ in the App Store/Google Play Store. Answers to frequently asked questions and customer service can be accessed at https://helpdesk.thenationalcollege.co.uk/helpcentre

We do hope that you find this resource helpful and would be pleased to receive your feedback.

Additionally, if you would like to test the robustness of your monitoring and filtering arrangements at home, please visit:  http://testfiltering.com/ and select ‘personal’  to run a free filtering test.

Kind regards, Miss Amanda Johnston

BA (Ed) Hons, FCCT, NPQH Director of Primary Education and Trust DSL