Kanes Hill Primary School

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Love reading? Need to find a new book? Come visit the library.

The importance of school libraries has been talked about a lot in recent years. And even though it's not a government requirement to have a school library, the impact they can have can be far reaching. Not just in education, but in a child's wellbeing too. The library is a safe and welcoming space with a diverse collection of books which can comfort, support and inspire.
Giving all children equal access to books also levels the playing field. Books are expensive, but everyone deserves to benefit from what they can offer. It's one of the reasons we are so proud of our library at Kanes Hill. As subscribers to the Schools Library Service, the school has access to thousands of books including the latest releases, ebooks, and other resources.
The Southampton area is very lucky to have this service, as is Hampshire (many councils in other areas of the country, who have needed to slash their budgets, have decided to cut the service entirely). This means we are able to change our stock regularly and make sure the children, and staff, have what they need. 
If a child you know would like a specific book, please pass this on to Mr Moss, as he may be able to order it. However, we do not have an unlimited supply, so we still need to look after the books we borrow.
We are very grateful for any donations of books that are no longer loved at home, but we ask that these are in a good condition.

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