Kanes Hill Primary School

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Music at Kanes Hill

Music Statement

Music Intent

At Kanes Hill Primary School we aim for all our pupils to develop a life long love of music, in a school with a musical atmosphere through a wide range of quality musical experiences which engage and inspire them. At the heart of the music curriculum are creativity, curiosity and excitement and children who are developing increased self-confidence, self-esteem and collaborative skills. We aim to build a curriculum with musical sound at the cornerstone with a progressive pathway for every child. Music opportunities will support children’s mental health and allow them time to express their emotions. Children will perform, listen and analyse critically, sing, improvise and compose music and understand the musical elements as building blocks within music.

The music opportunities are amazing at Kanes Hill. As well as music lessons, we have had the chance to take part in a concert at the O2, watch live performances and sing for people in a care home at Christmas. Recently, I have been learning the clarinet and am preparing for my Grade 1 exam! Whilst challenging at times, my teacher is always there to help and support me.

Ellie, Year 5


At Kanes Hill Primary we believe music in Early Years should be delivered through holistic practice as an integral part of early development and that musical development matters. Adults use planned opportunities for questions and musical conversations to move learning on.

Throughout Key Stage One and Key Stage Two children receive weekly music lessons taught by specialist teachers and class teachers.  Music is embedded and woven into an extended learning journey where appropriate to support children to know more, remember more and understand more.  Music is planned on a progressive spiral curriculum where skills and understanding are frequently revisited through the three pillars that develop musicianship (technical pillar, constructive pillar and expressive pillar).  Lessons are planned to develop all learners needs with equal access for all Musical learning is planned for through the acquisition of procedural knowledge, declarative knowledge and tacit knowledge to enable children to develop musically.  We have a close working relationship with Southampton Music Hub enabling us to access high quality wider provision.   

Music is at the core of our school celebrations and allows children the opportunity to perform and sing with their friends and families. Music brings the community together at key moments throughout our school year.


All children have a weekly singing assembly in separate key stages to allow for development of appropriate vocal skills with frequent opportunities to sing together and experience being part of a larger sound.

Little Voices is an after school choir offered to children in Y1, Y2 & Y3. They meet together weekly to explore their voices and perform throughout the year in school, local venues and at music festivals.

Young Voices is an after school choir offered to children in Y4, Y5 & Y6. They meet together weekly to sing and perform throughout the year in school and different venues.


Our listening curriculum allows children to experience different genres every half term throughout the year. The school focus allows for reflective conversations throughout the school and covers a range of music from different historical periods, genres, styles and traditions including great composers and musicians. Children experience live high quality musical performances throughout the year, often to bring alive an area of learning and allow children to experience the sound first-hand either at school or in local concert venues. This critical engagement with music allows children to listen with discrimination. Listening is woven through musical units as an integral part of learning allowing for active listening and development of aural memory.


Music lessons are rooted in sound and playing. Our music room is full of quality instruments which are used daily. Children use a wide range of tuned and untuned instruments as well as recorders and ukuleles during these lessons.

All children in Y4 experience learning an orchestral instrument for a year as part of their first access provision. Following sessions exploring the three instruments (woodwind, brass and string) they choose one to study for free for a year with a specialist teacher. Children experience instrumental skill lessons, improvising and composing with their instruments, listening to their instrument and performing as part of an ensemble in school and city ensemble.

Instrumental lessons are then offered to all pupils for free in Y5 and Y6. During the year they all play together as an orchestra and perform as soloists, in small groups and as an orchestra in school and at a local venue.

Our Ukulele Jam meet together weekly after school for pupils in Y4, Y5 and Y6, exploring and performing a wide range of songs.

Music is frequently used as part of celebration events with parents.

Improvising and composing

All musical learning involves creativity. Children improvise and compose their own music within every musical journey. They work in a range of different groups allowing for discussion, critical reflection while developing leadership and group skills.


Discussions around understanding are rooted in the musical elements and language associated with them. These discussions enable children to make links between their learning and build on prior knowledge.



We want to develop confident happy musicians who have the self-confidence and belief to use their musical skills, knowledge and experience to involve themselves in music in a variety of different contexts outside school and following their time at Kanes Hill Primary.

Music is at the heart of our school, allowing children the opportunity to express themselves and develop a life-long love of music. The school’s investment in my department has been wonderful and I am overwhelmed by the opportunities that senior leaders allow me to give our children. I value the trust they have put in me to lead and develop music in a creative and unique way that suits our school and pupils.

My role is very special - I cannot think of another school where this role exists! I develop staff to successfully share music sessions with their children whilst also supporting staff in other schools through training. My week involves a lot of singing, organising and running enrichment opportunities, liaising with the music hub, running the In2music project as well as teaching weekly music lessons. It is a fantastic job!

Sarah Lloyd, Teacher and Music Leader