Kanes Hill Primary School

Thank you RKDIA!

In music this week Year Six reflected on the performance last week. This email is a collection of ideas from all children. Individual responses can be found in jotter books.  

Dear Anton and Morten, 

Thank you so much for giving up your time to perform to us. It was so good it nearly knocked our socks off. We especially liked the way you improvised. Mrs Lloyd has taught us about improvising but we didn't realise you could do it all the time. We loved the way you used eye contact to communicate with each other. Another favourite part was when you Morton improvised on your piano to create the same rhythm as Anton was doing on his drums. It was so cool. 

Your passion for music and your instruments was so clear that it has made us want to learn to play the drums and piano (especially the drums). Your talent is out of this world! Those of us that play instruments (just over half of the class) wish we could play as well as you. You also looked like you were really enjoying yourselves, which is cool.  

When it was finished, we were buzzing and most of us clapped so hard that our hands nearly fell off! 

Overall, this was the best day we have had in year 6 so far and we wish we could watch you perform again. We keep asking our teacher to put the clips we have of you performing on loop! 

We really are very grateful for the opportunity and are so appreciative that we got to go into such an impressive hall. We hope next year's Year Six will get to go too. 

Kind Regards, 

Bee and Chameleon Class  

Year 6 

Kanes Hill Primary School