Kanes Hill Primary School

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The way we do Phonics is so useful because it helps me segment and blend my words, allows me to speak more confidently and helps me learn to read. Jacob, Reception

Phonics is a way of teaching children how to read and write. It helps children hear, identify and use different sounds that distinguish one word from another. Knowing the sounds of individual letters and how those letters sound when they’re combined will help children decode words as they read.

Our Phonics Approach

At Kanes Hill Primary School, we teach a synthetic and systematic approach to phonics. We have fidelity to a programme developed by the Springhill English Hub which is in line with the Government requirements in the teaching of phonics.

Please read the below documents to find more about our approach to phonics teaching at Kanes Hill Primary School. 

"Wow! The Phonics Day for the children and parents was amazing, and the progress my child has made is huge - well done!" Alex, EYFS parent

All children complete a half-termly assessment to gauge their learning progress. Using these assessments, we are able to identify any gaps in learning and next steps. Children are grouped according to the sounds they need to learn.

All resources are tailored to the needs of the children. Children read from fully decodable resources and reading books. All adults teaching phonics are trained to do so.

Parent Information

Thank you for the engaging phonics lesson. I've seen a huge improvement in both reading and spelling! Toni, Year 2 parent

I absolutely loved coming into school to see the Phonics lessons taking place. How fast paced it was! The children were incredible! Thank you for inviting us in. Beth, Year 2 Parent

Phonics Resources 



Listen to our Year 2 children read their Tricky Words!


Listen to our Year 2 children read revisit words they have been taught!



At Kanes hill Primary School, we very much value the importance of presentation, handwriting and children taking a pride in their work.

We very much believe that handwriting is something that should be taught and therefore we allocate time to this daily. To teach handwriting, we use Letter-Join whole school handwriting scheme.


Handwriting has been linked to the development of literacy skills, such as spelling and sight word reading. 

    Academic Year 2022/2023

    Useful Websites


    Jane Passey Cued Articulation - A website that models pure sounds and the cued articulation actions

    Active Learn / Bug Club - All children are able to access this - see Student Access Card for log in details


    Letters and Sounds - Free printable resources and games for all phases

    Phonics Play - A selection of interactive games

    Topmarks - Free educational games that are tablet friendly