Kanes Hill Primary School

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What our pupils say

Here, our incredible pupils let us know about their experience at Kanes Hill Primary School…

I am a keen scientist and want to investigate animals or work in a zoo when I am older. My favourite experiment that we have done so far in Science was about how sound travels through cups – it was really exciting!

Livvi, Year 4

My dream is to be an Astrophysicist because I love everything and anything to do with space. That’s why my favourite subject is Maths because it helps to explain the universe. I really think there is so much still to discover, and I would like to find something that nobody else has. All my teachers are very good and are helping me to succeed.

Emily, Year 5

I have been on some exciting trips so far at Kanes Hill Primary School. In Year 1 we went to Tudor House where we discovered more about the Great Fire of London, witches’ marks, cannons and bugs! I also found it fun going to find the Gruffalo at Moores Valley. I am always keen to find out more about the world and that’s why Science and Geography are my favourite subjects.

Joseph, Year 2

The way we do Phonics is so useful because it helps me sound out my words and allows me to speak more confidently. When I grow up, I want to be a policeman!

Jacob, Reception

My teachers and friends make learning at Kanes Hill so much fun! I enjoy helping my teachers and was very proud to get a special mention. I love helping so much that I want to be a first aider like Mrs Symons when I am older!

Olivia, Year 1

The teachers at Kanes Hill are really kind. When I am older, I want to work for the CIA!

Trey, Year 6

My teachers have always pushed me to be the best that I can be, and I like showing them that I can do things, particularly in Maths because it is my favourite subject. Outside of class we are always encouraged to do more, and I was lucky to be part of the choir who sang to an audience at the Mayflower – it was so enjoyable!

Brooke, Year 4 

My experience at Kanes Hill has been really good! I love the work we do in English because I can write long stories which allows me to be creative and express different ideas. I also enjoy Geography because I find it interesting learning about the world. There are lots of fun activities outside of lessons too, like swimming and school trips. Having the chance to go to Tile Barn for the night was amazing, with archery and wall climbing being a highlight.

Ellie, Year 5