Kanes Hill Primary School

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What our parents say

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We are delighted to share what our wonderful parent community think about their experience at Kanes Hill Primary School…

Leah, Year 2 and 5 parent:

Kanes Hill was always top of the list for my children. Growing up in the area I knew my children would have a fantastic experience there. Their welfare comes before anything else and that is really important to me. My children are always happy and come home with a smile on their face, sharing something exciting that they have learnt or experienced daily. Every day is different and they have had the chance to do things that they would never have experienced if it wasn’t for the school, like learning a musical instrument. My daughter is currently practising hard for her first exam.

As a parent, I love having the opportunities provided by the school to be involved in my children’s learning; whether it be looking through their books, being able to go in to help them complete a D&T project or going to watch their drama and music performances. A highlight was watching both my children sing in the choir at the O2, it was such a fantastic and proud experience. I would recommend the school to anyone because it has your child’s best interests at heart!

Vikki, Year 4 parent:

Communication is a true strength of Kanes Hill. As a parent this is really important. All staff, including senior leaders, are approachable and there is always the opportunity to speak with them if you need to. This really highlights how the school is such a nurturing place. My daughter is always encouraged to strive to do her best. She absolutely loves going to school and feels proud to be part of the community. I am thrilled to see how resilient, empathetic and intuitive she is becoming. The kindness and support the school has shown my family will never be forgotten – I will champion the school long after my daughter leaves!

Mrs Torkaman, Reception and Year 4 parent:

Kanes Hill is a brilliant school! The teachers are caring, supportive and get to know each child as an individual, encouraging them to be the best they can be. My children are eager to go to school every day and always return home with something exciting to share.

Hannah, Reception parent:

I chose Kanes Hill because the children have access to great facilities and an abundance of outdoor space. When I was shown around the school by Year 6 pupils, it was heart-warming to hear how they spoke about their teachers, friends and learning experiences with such positivity. My son is full of stories about how much fun he is having and he is always eager to complete the work set. He even asks to go to school during the holidays! The teachers play a huge part in this; they care deeply about each child, and this has made the start of my son’s journey at Kanes Hill such a positive experience!

Alison, Year 2 and 5 parent:

All the staff are dedicated to providing the best possible education for our children. It’s like a big family!

Sally, Year 1 parent:

Kanes Hill feels like being part of one large family. The support, guidance and kindness given by all staff, especially during the pandemic, is and was exceptional. They go above and beyond, and my daughter has made excellent progress with her learning and has really grown in confidence. Quite simply, she loves the school!

Thomas, Year 5 parent:

Kanes Hill has been a large part of our family for some time now – we all have fond memories and know Emily will do too! She loves her teachers, lessons, after school clubs and unique experiences such as singing in the Young Voices Choir at the O2 arena. That was such a memorable and magical event that made us so proud! I would, without a doubt, recommend the school because of the amazing teachers who care for all the children, the support the school provides and the fantastic education Emily receives.

Becky, Year 4 parent:

This is by far the best school in the area. I would not even think about choosing another one. They have helped my children to thrive and be the best versions of themselves; I cannot wait for my youngest to attend in September.

Lisa, Year 6 parent:

I moved to the area just before my child was about to start school and I was told so many good things about Kanes Hill. I can confidently say that I am very happy my children are at the school. They really make my children believe that they can achieve anything and have allowed them to flourish. The motto in our house is: “Miss O’Grady gets things done” and she really does.